Welcome to a new generation of Car Pooling.

HiRide is a carpooling app for long distance travel, with the mission to improve the interaction between riders and drivers.
Targeting post-secondary students, our goal has always been to provide our users with utmost trust, transparency, accountability and safety.


Safety Feature

All your rides are tracked from your phone. Share your ride to friends or family so they know you are safe at a glance from any device.

Google Extension

All rides sync with your Google calendar so you can keep track of your future car pools.

Affordable Service Cost

HiRide only takes a small portion from the total cost of the ride, letting you save as a driver or a passenger!

Specific Preferences

Customize your ride by choosing ones that allow your favourite pet, in-ride music, gender-specific drivers/passengers and much more...

Overall Convenience

Booking and giving a ride is easier than ever with HiRide. As a driver, you can use HiRide to make some extra cash and riders get a stress-free ride home.

Events Page

Search rides during peak times of the month when there are big events so that you can think less about how to get there and more about having fun!

It's All About You!

HiRide will be implementing several safety features for both riders and drivers. Drivers will each have a profile including a profile picture, car model & colour, a rating of the driver (5-star system), and a quick bio. Additionally, each profile will be connected to their Facebook profiles. This will allow riders to know exactly who they're ridesharing with.

Furthermore, both riders and drivers can step up emergency contacts. Each emergency contact will get a notification with all the details of the booked ticket. Additionally, during the entire duration of the ride, the emergency contact will have a live GPS tracker of the rider/driver.

Easy to use

No more will you have to post on facebook rideshare events just to get to where you want to be! Once you download the app, creating or booking a ride is as simple as clicking a button!

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